Skymates, it’s a big week! And Cancer – you’re looking at connection. We just had a major astrological event take place – with Uranus and Mars conjoining on the Lunar North Node. This means that over the next week, we’ll be collectively experiencing acceleration, elevation, or both. This energy intensifies the need for us to (as individuals) evolve into wiser versions of ourselves. We’re letting go of energies from the past – specifically all that holds us back from our fullest potential. This is also a time to pay close attention to what’s entering and leaving your life. Cancer, this all activates your sector of community and belonging. It could be a time to look at your relationship to humanity as a whole – and consider whether your outlook and approach is serving you. How can you stay in a place of love, when it comes to humans… regardless of their darker side? Maybe it’s a case of finding and connecting with your specific tribe.