Skymates, as we approach the first eclipse season of the year, starting on Thursday, begin to make space for the unexpected. Try to avoid making any big decisions, and also avoid the things that leave you feeling flat, like too much screen time. Eclipses bring new beginnings dear Cancer, and you can prepare for this time by feeling into your ability to take charge of your life path. You’ll be processing a lot of baggage from your past. Don’t ignore what is coming up to be dealt with. Facing this will lighten the load in order to help you move more smoothly and freely towards the future (and the present) you deeply desire. You are your own person, it’s time to liberate yourself from your parents’ shadow. You’ll also be letting go of the unhealthy attachments that threaten to trespass your boundaries. Let it happen. Find ways to accompany any processes that might feel a little too painful to go through it alone.