Now that we’re in a post-New Moon space, what are your deepest desires for this week, Cancer? Wednesday’s waxing Leo Gibbous Moon reminds us that we can become and transition into absolutely anything we dream of. It’s all a dream. That means morphing and bending. This is more literal than the limited mind would like us to think, especially with the recent malleable Aries Solar Eclipse energy at play. We can become the dreamers of the new world together when our boundaries blur, merge, stretch and dance… Cancer, you did so much healing work during last week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries. This will be a healing few days for you. You’re getting used to being noticed and appreciated by yourself and others for all that you do behind-the- scenes… The more comfortable you are with receiving love, affection and all other forms of abundance from yourself through others – the more wonders will find their way to shower your life.