Happy Full Moon Skymates! The Leo Full Moon connects us to the joyful inner child. Remember being a kid that hadn’t yet met limitations? That’s the energy of Leo. This moon is one for remembering that life is a gift, to be fully lived, owned and celebrated – authentically. With a tension to the lunar nodes, we’re also being asked to look at past and future dynamics. Where and when did you begin to mask your true self? What still inhibits you from stepping into your power in the future? Cancer, Full Moons are of course particularly potent for you, as the Moon is your ruler. While this moon carries a particularly fiery intensity – you’ll be able to access the lighter side of the emotional spectrum by leaning into humor and joy. Spend time with loved ones, or watch a funny movie. You can use this time to shake off some of the ‘seriousness’ of life. It’s all good. You’re doing great, and life’s not a race.