It’s a big weekend, skymates! Cancer, this weekend we have Mercury stationing retrograde, through her own home sign of Gemini, remaining the case until June 22. The planet of communication, Mercury retrograde tends to bring with it confusion, secrets… and potential glitches. Mercury governs our realms of speaking, listening and mental understanding – areas which all might start to feel a little turbulent. Still, there are many transformative lessons for us. It’s almost a magnified insight into what’s not working, and what’s ready for change. Cancer, this will be a big one for you. This retrograde takes place in your spirituality sector, so get ready for some magic.  You’ll likely be feeling increased intuition, clairvoyance and empathic senses. The next few weeks will be wonderful for tapping into dreamwork, meditation and all things esoteric. If you’ve somewhat turned off your connection to deeper meaning in the last months, it’s the perfect opportunity to get back on track, lovely Cancer.