It’s an airy weekend Skymates! At 1:41am EST on Saturday, Venus (the planet that rules love and our personal belief systems), comes into conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the paternal ruler of structures, authority, tradition and self-discipline. Taking place within the radical energy of Aquarius, this explosion of energy will have us feeling a need to stretch ourselves beyond current limitations. Cancer, Saturnian energy is the polar opposite from your lunar vibes – and it tends to cause some tension in your life. This weekend is one for choosing which beliefs you actually choose to adopt from the world around you, versus the ones you’re happy to totally let go of. Society’s glorification of material success, and ‘fake it til you make it’ ideas are not ones that sit well within your deep soul. Over the next days, acknowledge your unique differences, and release any unnecessary pressure you’ve been carrying. You do you, you’ll be more than just fine.