As the Lunar Eclipse approaches, it’s important that all skymates practice patience and ease their way into this eventful weekend. Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, shifts direct in Pisces this Saturday, after five-months being retrograde. Love and creativity will feel more appealing for us as a collective, and Neptune’s direct movement will encourage us to dream more, and stress less. Cancer, since you’re ruled by the Moon you get very influenced by eclipses, and you may find that you’re deeply sensitive and easily affected by the collective energy this weekend. It’s best to keep your phone on airplane mode and connect with nature as much as possible. Yoga, meditation, lucid dreaming, and writing down your feels in a stream of flowing consciousness are all wonderful ways to ground yourself amidst the airy uncertainty that is eclipse season. All will make sense soon enough, so avoid placing unnecessary pressure on yourself to figure it all out right here and now.