Cancer, you’re a part of something beautiful. Today the moon moves from fiery Aries, into the calmer energy of earthy Taurus. When this happens, our motivation tends to shift towards comfort, security and peace. The moon is most sensual when she’s in Taurus. It’s as if life slows down a little, and stopping to ‘smell the roses,’ sounds pretty appealing. Cancer, these gentle, slower vibes are your city. You’ll be feeling calmer, lighter and clearer than you have in days. Plus, today your sector of community lights up – so you’re invited to reconnect with the world. In what ways are you intertwined with the other members of your earth family? If you’re feeling a little disenfranchised with humanity, remember that we’ve come a long way. Society is changing for the better – and we’re only continuing to move further into our hearts. Today, why not watch a documentary, show or film that reminds you of the power of human connection. Remind yourself of the deep ways in which Love fills every corner of the world.