Today the collective experiences some bumpiness as the Moon in Capricorn, comes into a tension with Mars in Aries. The moon rules our emotions and inner world, while Mars governs our motivation. Today might feel like our past conditioning, traumas and handed-down belief systems – coming into an opposition with what we actually want to achieve and create in our lives. This could be a conflict between our inner critic, and the part of us that wants to succeed. Cancer, continuing a key theme of this month – this all takes place in your sector of work. Were there any ideas passed onto you about your career, that hold you back today? You might’ve been told to play by the rules and to stay small, in order to stay financially secure. You could’ve been told that expecting your passions to blossom into a successful career is way too naive. Today, explore this sphere. Choose what ideas you want to hold onto, it’s time to let go of the rest.