We have a massive few days Skymates! This weekend is the Gemini Full Moon, illuminating nodal themes we’ve been collectively working with since 2019. We’ve been exploring diversity: recognizing that as humans, we’re not all meant to be the same (or even agreeable). We perceive and grow in unique ways – because Nature itself is diverse. On Sunday, Chiron stations direct in your sign Aries. This energy reflects the warrior’s initiation; healing our individuality, the courage to voice our needs, and a right to Freedom. Aries, for you this will be a powerful time. Chiron in your sign is a reminder that you absolutely deserve to have your needs met. If you’re perceiving a lack, turn your attention towards solutions. Compromise can often be another way of saying that both sides lose. Rather, find a middle way – one where both parties, sides, or people feel good. Tip: your desires are not random. Often if you want something, it’s meant to be yours.