Aries, how do you feel like manifesting your self-expression these days? With the Moon still in Cancer on Friday, you may want to stay at home, have a family dinner or go out with the ones that feel like home to you. On Saturday morning, the Moon shifts into Leo, and you’ll feel more energized. Have some fun this weekend. Let your joyful and romantic side come out and play. Vesta and Saturn meet on Saturday morning as well, inviting you to take a look at the structures and boundaries you set within your friendships. Are they serving you or are they limiting you? On Sunday, we have the Waxing Quarter Moon in Leo, the middle point between the first two eclipses of the season. It’s a very emotionally charged time, but the pleasures that you experience these days will serve as clues for you to know how to remain connected to your joy through all the ups and downs.