Aries, you’re powerful. We’re just a few days away from the new astro year (and Aries season!). There’s a reminder of your strength here for you Aries. As we wrap up a cycle, it’ll be worth looking at the many ways that you have evolved in your own sense of self. You’re wiser, and more sure of who you are. This weekend, Venus and the Lunar North Node will be forming a harmonious sextile to Saturn. You could feel this as moments of awe. In a moment of quiet and space, look closely at really – anything – and allow yourself to be amazed by the divine design behind it all. This cosmic signature will also empower you with the remembrance that you can create a life that feels like paradise on earth. Ideas might start arising on how to make moves in your career sector, or possibilities of how financial abundance can more seamlessly flow through. You’re ready.