Happy Leo New Moon Skymates! Aries, the archetype of the fiery lion is all about celebrating our individual selves. Your life may not be perfect in all aspects. In fact, it could feel quite the opposite… but either way: you are a divine being, full of (and worthy of) love. That’s a constant – and this moon reminds us of that. Aries, for you this New Moon activates your sector of self-expression. With any new lunar cycle comes an opportunity to plant seeds of self-growth and manifestation. You may have noticed areas where you’re keeping yourself smaller than you really are Aries. This month you’re invited to step into a more empowered and confident state. You’re ready for it, and the world awaits. Jupiter is going retrograde in your sign, meaning you’ll be seeing where your life needs more momentum and fire. This is the perfect New Moon for calling it in.