Skymates, the Full Moon in Libra becomes exact at 12:34 am EST on Thursday, reminding us that a little care, understanding and thoughtfulness can help to renew our relationships and our responsibilities. The Full Moon comes with a merging between Mercury and the North Node, bringing new insights about our life path and our soul purpose. Aries, this is no time to focus on fault. Instead work on the solutions that your current problems require. Help yourself instead of burdening yourself. One of your talents is knowing when to be impulsive, and this is beautiful. But this Moon is asking you to practice being thoughtful before acting, at least for the next couple of days, while you traverse the relationship dynamics in your life that need to be addressed. This is a beautiful time to face your fears of intimacy and of being unwanted. We all hold fears regarding rejection, and embracing them can take away their power over us.