Are you ready to feel more emotionally secure, Aries? If you’ve been feeling isolated or restricted in any way as the week begins, do your best to take things slow. Feel your feels without letting them drown you, and pressure yourself the least you can. On Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries, giving way to Taurus Season, and bringing with it a slower, more grounded and body-centered feel. Aries, it may at first feel challenging for you to move forward with the things you want to do. Instead of taking action, it could be a good time to revisit your plans, and refine the steps to take in order to achieve your life goals. As Taurus Season kicks in, you’ll have more energy to really make something out of your plans and ideas. You’ll move slower, but more firmly. Before things begin to take root, really pause to ask yourself what you’d like to see your energy manifest into.