Happy Full Moon Skymates! Aries, today we have a Full Moon lunar eclipse in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, marking the beginning of eclipse season. Taking place whenever a new or full moon aligns with the moon’s ecliptic path, eclipses reflect our evolutionary direction. We’ll often experience old themes arising, at the same time as new possibilities and directions. There’s huge potential here. Aries, you’ll be feeling the potency of this energy as it moves through your sector of higher life purpose and soul journeying. Themes of your true calling will be rising to the surface. This could mean memories of where you may have lost your way in the past, as well as dreams and windows towards the future. Looking at our past wounds to integrate and allow future discernment is a necessary part of your growth Aries. There’s no shame in recognizing ‘mistakes,’ which inevitably taught you something valuable. What did these experiences teach you? What’s next?