Are you on track Aries? Today the sun in your sign comes into a tension with Pluto, who moves through the sign of Capricorn. Particularly potent you dear Aries, this cosmic cocktail has the potential to create a bit of a rift between our sense of self and individuality, with the external elements and structures of our lives. An active Pluto also means themes of the subconscious will rise to the surface. Aries, anything we’re intentionally ignoring may start to reveal itself, in a build-up over the next twelve days that culminates with the upcoming Full Moon. This specifically moves through your sector of career, ambition and legacy. If you’re feeling discomfort in the work that you’re doing – it’s time to lean into it. Notice areas where you can tweak to better align with the person you are now. Even the smallest of changes can make a huge shift. Or if it feels bigger than that, maybe a total renewal is required.