Aries, what could work better? Today the moon moves from your sign, into the calm energy of earthy Taurus. When this happens, our motivation tends to shift towards comfort, security and peace. The moon is most sensual when she’s in Taurus. It’s as if life slows down a little, and stopping to ‘smell the roses,’ sounds pretty appealing. Aries, today is one to tune into your body. It’s always worth learning the ins and outs of your body’s needs, desires and functions… so that you can live a life aligned with them. Feel into your body and its rhythms, and from here work backwards. This means things like choosing rituals that best work for you, foods and sleep routines. It means structuring a workflow that maximizes your productivity. To a large degree, humans aren’t textbook creatures. Keep a record for a week, noting your moods and energy levels with their corresponding factors. See what you can learn about yourself, optimize or improve.