Welcome to December 2020! Month 12 out of 12. Let’s pause for a round of applause. This has been an apocalyptic year. Please note that one meaning of the word apocalypse means “great awakening”, or “something viewed as a prophetic revelation.” With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, now in fiery Sag, the magnitude of what we’ve collectively gone through this year is being revealed to us. Aries, you’ll find that you’re ready for exploration, for adventure, for bomb sex, for endless prosperity — you’re ready for everything you deserve, and more. As the month begins you’re feeling increasingly powerful. Mars is gaining momentum in your sign, and spends its final month there this December. You’ll therefore be a magnet for whatever it is you want. Take time today to get clear and specific about what you want, because you’re especially blessed with this energy and you’ll want to make the most of it this eclipse season. Trust that what you want wants you too, and that it’s on its way to you.