Happy Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Aries! Today’s full moon is extra potent since it’s also an eclipse, which means the collective energy is more supercharged and full of activity. All skymates will find themselves evaluating what’s real from what’s fiction, and making sure they’re facing the truth and not running from it. Aries, you’ll find that your throat chakra is opening up significantly with this eclipse, after months of you taking time to figure out what you really want to say, and how. Drinking ginger based liquids will continue to help you with this chakra opening process, and also paying attention to criticism you may be directing towards yourself or others. Make sure you’re being your own best friend more than you’re being your toughest critic. With two weeks left of Chiron being retrograde in your sign, you’re nearing the end of your cocoon stage and preparing for the ultimate ascension.