Aries, you can connect your spiritual wellbeing with work. Over the next days, the moon shifts into the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. The Pisces Moon tends to blur lines of intuition and reality. Here, the collective tends to feel more empathic and spiritually attuned, and this will be furthered by a conjunction to the planet of expansion: Jupiter. We also have Mercury ending its retrograde in Capricorn. If you’ve had any recent roadblocks relative to career, wealth or your goals in general – you might just start receiving clear ideas on how to overcome them. Aries, for you there may be a specific theme of connecting your spiritual needs, with your career. This could look like simply adopting a meditation practice every day before work, to changing your career direction to one that’s more meaningful to you. You can work with the mantra: I become financially free, when I follow my heart – to unwire any disconnect between the two.