It’s an airy weekend Skymates! At 1:41am EST on Saturday, Venus (the planet that rules love and our personal belief systems), comes into conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the paternal ruler of structures, authority, tradition and self-discipline. Taking place within the radical energy of Aquarius, this explosion of energy will have us feeling a need to stretch ourselves beyond current limitations. Aquarius, relationships take center-stage this weekend. You’re being asked specifically to examine where your boundaries are. Your time and energy is so valuable, and that’s worth remembering. You can’t always give it up for others, at the expense of yourself – or really, nobody wins. There will be some people in your life who don’t understand, but remember it’s not your job to teach them. Plus don’t worry, this doesn’t mean becoming a hermit. Getting clear on what you want will allow connections and individuals on the same wavelength to enter and stay in your life.