KnowAquarius Wknd Scope September 23 – 25, 2022

Aquarius, on Friday, Mercury retrograde will re-enter Virgo in your area of intimacy and shared resources. Things may slow down within your spaces of collaboration and energetic exchange. So just take it slow, and give yourself the chance to do a deep self-exploration of why this may be happening. Are your boundaries in need of a tune up? The New Moon in Libra is happening on Sunday at 5:54pm EST, inviting you to connect with what’s beyond your comfort zone. Explore what’s outside of the mainstream narrative. Open up to sharing with people that see things differently, and that have other traditions and ways of experiencing the world than you. Become permeable to what others can bring into your life experience. This is no time to stick to a single lane.

KnowAquarius Scope September 21 – 22

Get intimate, Aquarius. These are the last couple of days of Virgo Season before the Sun moves into the balancing sign of Libra on Thursday night. This Season is inviting you to loosen up. Remember that nothing is set in stone. A plan is just a layout, it can end up taking you anywhere. If you don’t try to force things, if you listen to your intuition it will most likely take you to places more in tune with who you are and what you need. Work with what life is throwing at you in order to make the most of what life is offering you. Go ahead and dream. Dream beyond the border of what you think is possible. Go for it, and follow life’s clues, and don’t be afraid to change lanes on your way there.

KnowAquarius Scope September 19 – 20

Aquarius, your body is your best friend. Do you treat it as such? The Moon in Cancer helps you bring awareness to the emotions that get trapped within your body, and when it comes to a tense connection with Chiron on Monday, it’ll be easier to come into the practices that can help you release. Review and recommit to the rituals that help you stay aligned and on track with your work, and in tune with your body’s needs. May your habits be healthier, and rest be more abundant in your life. On Tuesday, the Moon then comes into a stretching connection with Pluto, and may bring to light things that were hidden deep. Focus on your breath if things get to feel too much, and return to it whenever you need to.

KnowAquarius Wknd Scope September 16 – 18, 2022

Try not to spend more than what you can afford these days, Aquarius. Take some time to organize your finances, and get clear on how much you can splurge. On Friday, the Sun will come into a stretching alignment with Neptune, expanding our creative and spiritual nature. Venus then comes into a tense alignment with Mars, increasing sexual and/or competitive tensions. This can create a clash between your need to have fun and your need to go deep. On Saturday, we have the Waning Quarter Moon in Gemini in your area of creative self-expression. Notice which of your talents are ready and willing to support your current process. We start Sunday off with the Moon moving into the nurturing sign of Cancer, bringing some warmth into your routines. Be more caring with yourself through every little detail of your day.

KnowAquarius Scope September 14 – 15

Connect with your inner foundation, Aquarius. How do you feel it needs to be strengthened or cared for? The Moon is still in the sensual sign of Taurus on Wednesday, where it will join forces with the North Node. Plant your feet firmly to the ground. Do more of what increases your sense of security. Be nurturing to yourself and the ones you love. Being with the ones that feel like home can be especially soothing right now. Memories will be stronger and you can use them to better understand your inner realm. On Thursday afternoon, the Moon shifts into the more fast-paced sign of Gemini, where it will hang out for the next couple of days, activating your creative fire, and your need for fun and pleasure.

KnowAquarius Scope September 12 – 13

Speak from your truth, Aquarius. On Monday, the Moon will be hanging out in the fiery sign of Aries, where it will join forces with Chiron, the wounded healer. Let your points of view change, let your beliefs change. Let your ideas move with the tides of the moment. Share these shifting thoughts, ignite new and exciting conversations. Before the Moon enters the earthy sign of Taurus on Tuesday morning, it will come into a tense alignment to Pluto, exposing our unhealthy patterns, but also offering the potential for positive transformation. For you, it has to do with forgiving yourself, and mothering yourself in a way that your family never knew how.