KnowAquarius Wknd Scope May 20 – 22, 2022

Aquarius, allow your light to shine this weekend. On Friday, we start the day with the Moon joining forces with Pluto, offering you the empowerment you need to slow down and just be with your emotions without the need to understand what they mean. By nightfall the Sun gets ready to say goodbye to Taurus, giving way to Gemini Season.  For the next month, the Sun will be shining a light on your creative fire, your self-expression, your pursuit for joy, and your need for play and leisure. On Saturday, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, highlighting your heart and your passion. Express all of the things you feel driven to. Allow your inner child to shine through. Sunday brings the Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces, inviting you to get in touch with the things you enjoy and that bring you closer to your body. Visualize your goals and pay attention to how they feel in your body and vibrate within you.

KnowAquarius Scope May 18 – 19

Aquarius, get clear with yourself about your exchanges and where you want your energy to go. Wednesday starts out with fiery Mars joining forces with dreamy Neptune. What are you called to put your resources into? The Moon shifts into Capricorn in your area of what’s hidden on Wednesday morning. Allow yourself spaces of silence, rest and recovery. Space to feel into and listen to the depths of your emotion, and the things that want to be released. Thursday starts out with the Sun and Pluto in a balancing encounter. Shining a light on the power of your inner world. The darkest places of our consciousness is where the greatest treasures lie. To go in you have to be willing to face your most deep seated pain. With patience, love and acceptance, this can be such a healing experience. As the day comes to an end, Mercury, in its retrograde motion, makes a sweet connection to Jupiter, inviting you to review how you communicate yourself in the most mundane of situations, and how you can become more creative and playful in your self-expression.

KnowAquarius Scope May 16 – 17

Aquarius, how are you feeling after the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio last night? Your long-term goals, career path, sense of authority, habits inherited from family and your roots are being shaken up, in order for you to be able to release what is keeping you from your true life path What occurs during eclipses goes on in the dark, so if you can’t really put your finger on it yet, be patient and know that things are happening even if you can’t see them. Monday will feel lighter than the past days when the Moon shifts into Sag in your area of community. Your social life will be activated these days. It may be a nice time to get your message across through social media in a loving, lighthearted and meaningful way. On Tuesday, you’ll be feeling the need to be close to your friends. Reach out, meet up, let them know how much you appreciate them.

KnowAquarius Wknd Scope May 13 – 15, 2022

Aquarius, no one can take your authority away from you. The next eclipse happens at 12:14am EST on Monday, but we’ll feel its energy as early as Friday when the Sun meets the North Node, reminding us that our challenges strengthen our way forward. You want to improve when it comes to your habits. You don’t want habits that keep you stuck, you want ones that allow you to grow. Look into the things you do on automatic. What do you need to let go of? Don’t let your hopes for the future stop you from looking at who you are now, and what you need right now in order to feel good, safe and stable. The little things are what make out the big things. Opportunities to heal will be very present this weekend, especially when it comes to your daily to-do’s and your need for freedom.

KnowAquarius Scope May 11 – 12

Aquarius, what do you have to say? The Moon is still in Virgo on Wednesday, offering you the energy and the emotional support to be with your deepest fears, passions and desires. In the morning the Moon will come into a stretching encounter with Mars. If you feel your resources and values are being threatened, you’ll have the strength to defend them. In the afternoon, when the Moon faces Neptune, be super careful with how you spend your money. On Thursday, the day begins with the Moon moving into Libra and facing Jupiter, sparking your curiosity. Share your ideas and offer your heartfelt advice. You have the advantage of being able to see a bigger picture than the rest right now. As the day comes to an end, the Moon faces off with Venus. Listening to the feedback from others about your own behavior will help you see yourself from a different perspective and gain clarity.

KnowAquarius Scope May 9 – 10

Aquarius, start reading all of the books on your to-read list! The Moon will still be in Leo on Monday, before it moves into Virgo at the end of the day. Monday may bring tension for us all, in your case, something to do with your sense of self, your home and your professional pursuits. Who’s your go to person, the one that grounds you and helps you get out of a mindset of stuckness? This is the one you’ve got to lean on if things get to be too much. Tuesday brings a lot of change in energies. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini, slowing things down when it comes to your creative self-expression. Keep an eye out and review how much you allow yourself to play freely. It’s a great time to connect with your inner child. Then Jupiter moves out of dreamy Pisces and into impulsive Aries. If you’ve been meaning to write or start a vlog or a podcast, this is the ideal time. Jupiter will expand your capacity to communicate, listen and exchange.