We’ve made it to the end of an eclipse week, so even though the Moon spends the first half of the weekend in Leo before shifting into Virgo this Sunday, all skymates should prioritize rest and restoration. We’re in an eclipse passage — the final eclipse of 2020 will take place on the 14th, and this wknd is best for getting our minds, bodies and souls ready for the next ascension. Aquarius, your partnerships are on your mind this weekend, making it an ideal time to check in with your platonic and romantic connections and see if you’re both on the same page. With your modern ruler Uranus spending its final month retrograde in Taurus, there are many things you do or say that may be misinterpreted. It’s best to have open, honest healing conversations rather than make assumptions that can lead to feelings of disappointment. The fiery vibes of Sag Season will help you infuse humor into your conversations, so that you don’t take yourself or others too seriously, but you still speak your truth.