Love is in the air and on our minds. Aquarius, this weekend we have a major unearthing of all things emotion, love and intimacy. A Venus and Moon conjunction in Scorpio invites us to enter the depths of our intimate relationships and emotional realms. Aquarius, with the age of Aquarius almost upon us, the world is about to become WAY more harmonious with your way of being. The energies of this weekend light up your sector of career… calling into question the work that you currently do. With the huge societal, global and paradigm shift that’s about to take place – maybe there’s an opportunity to rework your idea of work! As we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to start manifesting all that you want coming through in 2021. This weekend: meditate, brainstorm and reflect on your career path. Go deep within yourself to find clear, aligned answers. Is it time to switch things up?