Aquarius, collaborations await! We have some beautiful days lined up, with the moon in fiery Sagittarius making harmonious connections to both Venus (planet of love and beauty) and Jupiter (planet of expansion). Aquarius, because this activates your sector of networking, this will be a beautiful time to reach out to others, or to conceptualize a collaborative project. These spheres are ruled by your sign, so you’ll likely feel a sense of ease and peace here. One of your natural gifts (whether yet acknowledged or not) is innovation. What is the world ready to see? More importantly, what are you ready to share? On October 2nd, Mercury ends its retrograde stationing direct in the sign of Virgo. This will likely feel like a big exhale, accompanied by a sense of coming full circle. It’ll be a good time to notice and honor any self-transformation that’s taken place over the last few months.