Aquarius, your safe space may not feel so sturdy right now. Your foundations are calling out for your attention. What needs to be mended in order for you to find a firmer base? Sometimes all we need to do is acknowledge our pain and be with it. Sometimes we just need to acknowledge the tensions between us and our family members and be with it knowing that the love is still there no matter what. Sometimes there’s nothing to fix, just things to be felt, and space to open up within ourselves so that all of what we are can find a place to be and feel safe within ourselves. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens at 4:28 pm EST on Saturday, and it falls in your area of family, home, foundations and ancestry. In your experience, how do all of these things connect with one another? And how are you currently in relationship with them? It’s time to tap into the inner space from where you can claim these areas of your life, so the circumstances don’t overpower you.