Happy Holidays Skymates – 2021 is going out with a bang! This week, we first have the Sun entering Capricorn, where we’ll start to feel the call towards long-term goals and tangible achievements. On the 24th, we’ll experience the third and final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This potent energy has characterized 2021, and we’ve all felt it: the increasingly clear corruption within our authoritative structures, and rebellion. It’s been the questioning of the societal status quo, as well as the question: where do I really find love and value in my life? Aquarius, this week you’re going deep into your emotional realms… a place of untapped wisdom. You might be more sensitive to your environment than usual (particularly at the start of the week with a Cancer Moon) and if this is the case, honor it. Take time for yourself to find nurturing spaces, whatever that means for you. Wrap up 2021 in a place of self-love… you deserve that and more.