Congratulations, Aquarius! You’ve made it through Jupiter’s 4.5 month retrograde in your sign and Saturn’s retrograde in your sign too. Of all the zodiac signs, you’ve been undergoing quite the internal rewiring for most of this year, and now that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is also direct in Libra, you may feel like you’ve exited the necessary period of hibernation you were in (which was really a period of intense self-reflection and unlearning), and entered a new consciousness where the things you most consistently think of, dream of, and speak of, materialize. This week’s Aries Full Moon lights up your sector of social networks and technology, so around the 20th – 24th, you’re likely to use your platforms or network to take a leap of faith and make your mark somehow. This will be a game-changing decision, so keep trusting yourself through it all.