Key themes: how and where you invest your energy, feeling comfortable with pleasure, tending to you home and emotional needs and that of your loved ones, letting go of what no longer serves, honoring your process, opening up to new experiences

Dear Aquarius,
It’s important that you make a consistent practice out of checking in and readjusting your boundaries. How you’re investing your energy, time, and resources may be going through some glitches, and it’s not as easy for you to have as much handle over this as you’re used to. With Mercury retrograding through your collaborations, financial mergings and intimate spaces, it’s an important time to review your debts, loans and agreements, on a financial as well as an emotional level. Connecting with your shadow side will help you know how to take better care of yourself.

Venus is finally stationing to go direct on the 3rd, after having taken you on a ride during the past 40 days through your one-on-one relationships —lovers, BFFs, business partners— most likely bringing up unfinished business and people from your past. Things will still be falling into place until October 7th when Venus comes out of its post-retrograde shadow phase. Keep questioning and shedding the myths and narratives that keep you from true sweetness, intimacy and pleasure.

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter will station to go retrograde for what is left of the year. Jupiter is currently transiting your area of home, family and roots, bringing a sense of well-being, expansion and abundance to your sense of security and groundedness. These next four months of Jupiter’s retrograde motion will be about the home projects that need to get done, and finding ways in which you can make your home feel more regenerative. How can you bring more care, more life and more love into your space? Maybe adopt a kitty or puppy, bring some plants into the home, place an altar for your ancestors, create more moments of self-care and more moments of quality family time.

On the 6th, Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun during its retrograde motion, shedding a light on what you need to untether and move on from. It’s ok to outgrow relationships, projects, investments, collaborations. It’s time for you to be radical about respecting your need to cut ties.

We have the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, at 9:40 pm EST, reminding you that life is a process. We all have demons, and when you see a finished product you only see its beauty, but you have no idea what it had to go through to get there. Only you know what you need to get through to be a functioning person in the world. Hold that. Honor that. Don’t put yourself down for it. Your struggle only makes you stronger. The darkness of this Moon, and its process into the light, wants to help you identify and connect with the people and the practices that help you live a life with less self-condemnation, doubt, and devaluation of your value and your gifts.

On the next day, the 15th, Mercury will station to go direct, and things will begin to speed up a bit. The things that you feel have too much of a hold on you will begin to loosen up little by little and you’ll be able to have clearer vision when looking forward, until the 29th where we’ll all be more in the clear once the post-retrograde period is over.

We welcome Libra Season on the 23rd, inviting you to ask bold questions and to put things to the test. Don’t get stuck in your mind, go out and experience the things that you’re feeling curious about. There are mysteries to explore that go beyond the human intellect. This is a time of expansion, and it will invite you to make a choice between investing in yourself and the path you’re currently opening up to, or clinging to the past, and what you have no power to change or do over. Remember that you can’t forge a new path while being stuck in a paradigm that doesn’t support it.

On the 29th, we will have the Full Moon in Aries at 5:57 am EST, and it will bring important messages for you to pay attention to. What you say carries weight, and the ways in which you communicate in high pressure situations will be brought to your attention. Things may be busier for you these days, so make sure you take control over your schedule, not it over you. The same goes for your emotions. Be mindful about the impressions you want to leave on others.