Aquarius, start reading all of the books on your to-read list! The Moon will still be in Leo on Monday, before it moves into Virgo at the end of the day. Monday may bring tension for us all, in your case, something to do with your sense of self, your home and your professional pursuits. Who’s your go to person, the one that grounds you and helps you get out of a mindset of stuckness? This is the one you’ve got to lean on if things get to be too much. Tuesday brings a lot of change in energies. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini, slowing things down when it comes to your creative self-expression. Keep an eye out and review how much you allow yourself to play freely. It’s a great time to connect with your inner child. Then Jupiter moves out of dreamy Pisces and into impulsive Aries. If you’ve been meaning to write or start a vlog or a podcast, this is the ideal time. Jupiter will expand your capacity to communicate, listen and exchange.