Happy 8/8/2022 ascension portal, skymates! The more present you are with yourself, and with nature today (and this week), the more tapped in you’ll feel. Everything can truly be so simple, if we decide to make it so. For you, Aquarius, this ascension energy is super potent, because on the 11th there will be a full moon in your sign that shakes up the cosmos as it connects with Uranus, the Revolutionary Planet, in Taurus. There are major aspects of your own psyche, and your life, that are rapidly changing before your eyes, Aquarius. As an Air sign, you usually have more of a fluidity and adaptability when it comes to change, but you’re also a Fixed sign, which means you may need more of an adjustment period. There is no adjustment period. This week, you’ll be asked to re-route, in order to live a life that’s more aligned with your core values. Trust yourself and trust the signs. It’ll be worth it.