Happy Pisces Season Skymates! Aquarius, this beautiful season softens the cosmic energy of the collective,  and connects you to your body. Here, we’re each reminded of our spiritual, more introverted selves – and invited to connect with our dreams. At this time, our emotions and empathy tend to become enhanced. As a result, we feel closer to the Universe and all of the beings who occupy it. Aquarius, over the next few weeks your sector of physical health is lit up. It will be a beautiful time to honor your physicality –  by moving out of your head and into your body. If you haven’t before, why not try a gentle practice like yin yoga, or qigong? Grounding practices or bodywork will be the perfect remedies for the sense of scattered chaos that has arisen with Mercury Retrograde taking place in your sign. Today, make it your mission to achieve a slower pace, or at least a few moments of deep peace.