Today is a powerful day in astrology. We have the moon conjoining Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – all within your sign, the rule-breaker: Aquarius. Aquarius, your sign rules the mental realm, so the collective will likely be receiving revolutionary clarity as to where and how we can improve both our lives, and those of others. You’re the cosmic favorite this year and you can feel the power in that. Still, here’s a reminder. Aquarius, 2021 carries so much potential for you to transform your life in its totality (for the better!). Today you’re invited to consider the ways you are imparting your will upon the world. What steps are you taking to map out and create your ideal life? If you’ve been feeling a little flat lately, today is one to actively re-inspire yourself. Watch any documentaries or movies that give you that sense of ‘yes!’ Then, go get it.