The Moon’s now settled in Taurus for the next 2 days, skymates, and today, Friday, is Venus’ day, which means sensual, passionate, grounded and abundant vibes permeate our consciousness. We collectively thrive when we nourish ourselves with delicious organic food and spend time in mellow environments that appeal to our senses. Aquarius, your home and domestic life may be on your mind today. If parts of it have felt a bit erratic lately, you can chalk it up to Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, still retrograde in that area of your chart, in the sign of Taurus. Today’s Taurus Moon allows you to laugh about the uncertainties or drama rather than get bogged down by it. Invite your family members or those you view as family to laugh along with you, even if it seems awkward at first. Laughter is truly a simple way to remind ourselves that even our darkest hours have profound lessons to teach us. Seeds sprout in the darkness, and your unique solutions to any perceived problems will sprout too.