Key themes: staying true to your truth, exploring what emotional security means for you, letting your weird out and bringing it into your close bonds, deepening the quality of how you bond, ideas that offer you meaning, letting go of old and outdated habits.

Dear Aquarius, we kick the month of August off with the Full Moon in your sign becoming exact at 2:31 pm EST, on the 1st. This is your Moon, it’s happening in your area of self-discovery and identity, shining its caring light upon you. This is an invitation to accept your present as it is and your past for what it has been. Embrace and honor yourself for what you’ve made out of your life. Stop expecting or asking others for acceptance, especially if they’re too afraid to accept themselves. Keep walking your path, no matter how vertiginous it may feel at times especially when you don’t feel validated. But know that when you’re true to your path, you begin to align to the ones that resonate with your truth.

Venus will be retrograde throughout all of the month of August and into the first days of September. This is an event that happens once every 18 months, and brings with it a deeper understanding to what we want from our relationships, how our current relationships are flowing and how open we are to intimacy. This 40 day transit is happening in Leo in your area of partnerships. What narratives do you hold around pleasure, intimacy and commitment? Allow yourself to have conversations around this. Do automatic writing with this question as a prompt. Bring this to therapy. You’re coming into a new way of allowing yourself to love and be loved. What relationships are and what they mean is changing so fast. Old paradigms and roles are falling apart. This is a beautiful time for you to become vulnerable enough to bring clarity to the kind of support and emotional security you need in relationship.

On the 16th, we have the New Moon in Leo, highlighting this Venus retrograde process. This will be an especially intense Moon, as it will also be conjunct Black Moon Lilith and square Uranus. This is a beautiful time to work on being just as good, nurturing and loving to yourself as you wish your loved ones would. This is what will let you let love in. This is what will soften you to deepen the care within your current bonds. You may be faced with having to hold space for some uncomfortable and unexpected parts of those you’re in commitment with. And you may also need to be vulnerable enough to let them hold the weird that you’re discovering within yourself.

Welcome Virgo season! A light will be shining on your energetic mergings, inviting you to consider them with greater discernment. The passion that comes from deep bonding doesn’t have to be all consuming. It can be a fire that is carefully tended to together. Work on deepening the quality of how you share yourself with your lovers and co-conspirators. Mercury also goes retrograde here in Virgo on the same day, the 23rd, inviting you to look at where the lack of depths lies. Work on what makes you feel safer. Work on holding space for open communication. Strengthen your mutual respect.

On the 27th, Mars shifts from Virgo to Libra into your area of philosophical pursuits and need for freedom. If you find yourself becoming too defensive with your beliefs, take a time to pause and feel into where this is coming from. The need to over-explain yourself, the need for others to understand your ideas and points of view, especially when it stops being a real dialogue, can point towards wounds that have to do with belonging. Don’t forget that these wounds, even if you may be going through them on your own, tend to be collective. You are not alone. Your time is better spent finding meaning than striving to be right.

On the next day, Uranus will be going into its yearly retrograde phase for the next 5 months. What ways of being have become unbearable for you? The patterns of your past that need to be broken are becoming ever more evident. Give yourself space for change.

We end the month of August with the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces becoming exact at 9:35 pm EST, on the 30th. This happens in your area of resources and sense of self-worth, magnifying your relationship to your assets. What parts of your livelihood are making you feel more alive? It’s a good time to get into the nitty gritty of your financial life and to get clear on what is possible for you with what you currently have. It’s also a good time too think of ways in which you can monetize on your skills and talents, if this is something you feel you want, need and/or have the time and energy for. But most of all, it’s a beautiful time to invest —time, energy, resources— in the things that bring you pleasure, and that ground you and deepen your connection to your body.

The north node in Aries and the south node in Libra have been settling into your area of communication and daily rituals and your area of philosophical pursuits and expansion, respectively. Let your curiosity lead the way these next 18 months, allow yourself to let go of outdated beliefs, no matter how long they’ve accompanied you on your journey.