Key themes: one-on-one relationships, guarding your energy, romance, new ideas

Aquarius, you’ll feel more out there this month. The Sun will be shining a light on your heart, offering it a necessary reboot. Bring more sweetness into your committed relationships. This will help you heal what has been broken or is still a little sore. Don’t be afraid to express your love to the ones you love.

On the 4th, Mercury will enter Virgo until the 25th, where it feels freer. Make wise investments with your time and your energy. You are your most valuable asset, so be picky about what you put yourself into.

Venus then enters your area of romance on the 11th, firing up your love life until September 5th! Get your flirt on. Always bring your best look, you don’t know who you could meet in the supermarket! If you’re in a relationship, get creative and try new and playful things. If you’re not interested in anyone right now, dress up all the same, and enjoy the looks!

The Full Moon in Aquarius is happening on the 11th as well, at 9:36 pm EST, inviting you to appreciate the gifts that you hold, especially the ones that you’ve taken for granted. What have you recently discovered about yourself? It’s time to give into the ease of fully accepting all of you. Be radical about it. All you are is welcome. In this space that is free of control, your truth can arise more freely.

On the 20th, Mars leaves the manifesting energy of Taurus and enters the connecting energy of Gemini. This transit will be a long one, going until the end of March 2023. You’ll have so much energy and a desire to express yourself. This will be an especially passionate and playful time. Make more space in your life for fun, leisure, romance and your creative projects.

Virgo Season swoops in on the 22nd, and shines a light on your relationship to payments and debts, and how you share your time, energy and resources with others. There are people that have what you need. This is a chance to become more innovative in your collaborations.

Uranus will be going retrograde on the 24th for the next five months. It’s time to stretch yourself a bit more, and become even more honest about what you need, especially at home and with family. I know you know what needs to be overturned. I know it’s not easy. But I also know that if you don’t do it, nothing will change, and this is not what you want.

On the 25th, Mercury enters Libra until October 29th, sparking your intellectual curiosity. Indulge your drive to learn something new. Let your mind be blown, and keep going, even if it changes you, especially if it does. Keep expanding.

The month comes to an end with the New Moon in Virgo happening on the 27th at 4:17 am EST. Allow yourself to dream long term even if things seem uncertain. Especially if they do. Recommit to the structure, practices and rituals that keep you oriented towards your dreams. You hold the visions of the collective future. Please keep believing.