Aquarius, you’ve been connecting with how you communicate, and delving into the magic of your exchanges and interactions and how they energize you. The rituals of your daily life have been coming to the forefront as you realize their importance. As April starts out with the New Moon in Aries, you will get deeper into the details of your day-to-day life and how your routine can allow you to thrive. It’s also a time to connect with the things you have to say. Especially the things that are outside of the mainstream narratives. It’s time to ask yourself if the projects that you’re being invited into have a place for all of the knowledge you’re here to share.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, you’ll start to feel more at peace, like you can relax into your body and into your senses. When Mars enters Pisces as well on the 14th, you’ll have more money making energy, and you’ll be able to take financial steps towards your dreams. Make sure that you’re being true to your values.

On the 10th, Mercury enters Taurus, so if there’s something you’ve been meaning to say to your family members, this is the time. If you hear that you’re being too stubborn, it may just be that you need to mull over an idea or a decision for longer than usual, and that’s ok. Give yourself time.

Worldwide social events may start to feel a bit out of control this month when Jupiter and Neptune meet in their home sign. I encourage you to find solace in your self-care. You’re a very humanitarian and activist sign, you care a lot even if you’re not the most emotional person. We hold so much pain and unprocessed stuff in our body, it’s important to make time to listen to what it needs, and to really tend to those needs.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th will bring positive and expansive vibes. Do you have any philosophies that center your well-being? If not, it’ll be time to find some! It’ll be time to come into more experiences that bring you pleasure. It’ll be time to check in on your long term plans to see if they hold enough depths to truly inspire you.

When Taurus Season comes shining through on the 19th, your sense of belonging, family, and roots will come into focus. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts in these areas of your life, the Bull energy is here to bring you grounding feels.

The last days of the month are intense. Pluto will go retrograde on 29th, awakening old wounds that are ready to be healed. In your case these wounds have to do with deep psychic material. Meditations and transpersonal therapies could be helpful. Mercury enters Gemini on the same day, sparking your creative intellectual fire. It’s a time to write and speak your mind. And we end the month with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th, bringing deep healing vibes to your foundations. Make space around this day to just rest and be with yourself, without expectations.