KTZ Weekly Horoscope 2.3 – 2.9

Show up for what you love, Skymates! Mercury enters Pisces on Monday, bringing vibrant color to your imagination & emotions. You are tapped into a nuance of possibility that encourages you to think outside the box. As your perspective widens, you discover game-changing ways to express yourself and to build toward your most resonant goals. When Venus enters Aries on Friday, nothing can keep you from what and who you love. It’s a relief to embrace how natural it feels to move forward without dwelling on the past.

A Leo Full Moon occurs in the early morning of the 9th, igniting passion and confidence across the sky. Mars in Sagittarius forms a trine with the Full Moon, feeding the fire of bold individuality. Your emotional intensity leads you to confront conflicts head-on and work toward solutions. Check in with your motivations and refocus when necessary. Stay diligent about keeping your confidence balanced and purposeful rather than ego-driven. Resist impulses to act before considering consequences.

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Aries: It comes naturally to bring a healing intention to your thinking & communication habits. This shift invites a freeing sense of peace into your life. Protecting that peace and cultivating authentic happiness are your top priorities. Seek out ways you can organically contribute to your community without having to overextend yourself. Roll with instincts experiment with your personal style when inspiration strikes. 

Taurus: You are highly visible early in the week, attracting like-minded admirers or collaborators with your work and reputation. Lean into your attraction to rest and privacy as it builds throughout the week. Remain present in the process of tending to your needs and leaving an ending era behind you. The Full Moon reveals your updated needs around feeling safe and supported. Don’t hesitate to communicate those needs clearly to anyone who needs to hear.

Gemini: In the process of expanding your horizons, you find yourself among friends and like-minded souls who motivate you to reach higher. Curiosity leads you to seek out new pockets of community in alignment with your priorities. Standing tall in your authenticity organically attracts opportunities and recognition in your career. This weekend, you awaken to a perspective that grounds you in earned confidence. 

Cancer: A perspective shift awakens you to opportunities to learn and expand in directions that are most resonant to you. Roll with instincts to brainstorm, ask questions, and imagine what’s possible. Reconnecting with this childlike curiosity brings fresh motivation to your career and long-term goals. Remain present in all that you discover about your priorities under the Full Moon. 

Leo: Run with instincts to honestly communicate feelings as they evolve to a partner. With patience and attention to detail, you can tap into a mutually joyful rhythm of energy exchange. Shared adventures can awaken your inspiration or romance and reconnect you to your most resonant overlapping motivations. Offer attention to maintaining balance between supporting yourself and supporting your partner.

Virgo: An earned confidence empowers you to aim high and champion your desires. You are eager to share your passions with collaborators & lovers who care as deeply as you do. Whether they are already by your side, or out in the world waiting for you, be proactive about finding and cultivating the specific kinds of connections you crave. Take space to recharge and work through complex emotions on your own when necessary.

Libra: In the midst of a creative streak, you discover new structure you want to try out in pursuit of your health & work goals. Uncertainty about your path clears away as you figure out a system that works best for you as an individual. While pursuing your most resonant aspirations, you discover motivating community who offer you a joyfully reciprocal energy exchange. Remain open to the endless possibilities of connection.

Scorpio: Recent focus on your roots and foundation brings up intense emotions for you and draws you close to those who make you feel most authentically seen and supported. You are also learning how to take care of yourself in healthier and more sustainable ways. Run with instincts to express strong feelings through your creative voice. A bit of exploration can reconnect you to your passion for your work and longterm goals.

Sagittarius: Bursts of inspiration send you in many directions and keep you on your toes. Your exploration remains in service of your central goals, widening your perspective and awakening you to fruitful possibilities within reach to infuse your life with purpose and passion. Your curiosity guides you to discover solutions in unexpected places for lingering obstacles. Stay present in each moment as it unfolds.

Capricorn: It comes naturally for you to protect your peace and your resources. Roll with instincts to assertively champion what makes you feel supported to be your best self. Express evolved values and boundaries to loved ones and to your community. Resist temptation of overindulgence or quick fixes knowing that the sturdy confidence you desire will be the result of gradually building something sustainable.

Aquarius: It’s exciting for you to allow recent self-discoveries to interact with your world more freely. Embrace instincts to bring intention to your public image and the messages you express. As you stand unapologetically in your truth, your authentic voice is sure to attract exciting connections into your life. This weekend, remain present and honest in the process of a relationship transforming for the better.

Pisces:  You are strengthening your ability to champion your true desires and feelings through communication. It’s a rush to feel heard on this resonant new level. Give yourself room to be socially adventurous as you confidently claim your voice. Fantasies and hype fade to reveal the solid truth and the real-life responsibilities you must take on to make dreams happen. Prioritize sustainability over flash.

Note to All Skymates: Lead with love as you check in with your inner child. Envision them here with you now. Listen carefully (with no judgement or premature editing) to what they need and what their dreams are. What can you do for yourself today to healthily support or inspire that part of you?