KnowSagittarius Wknd Scope November 11 – 13, 2022

Sag, give way to the parts of you that you don’t usually bring into your close partnerships, as the Moon will touch Mars on Friday morning, that is still retrograde in the connection loving sign of Gemini. The Moon will then go into cozy Cancer on Friday night, where it feels more at home, and will be there through the weekend. Setting boundaries is never an easy thing to do, especially when you feel that others aren’t considering you. Boundaries must never be about pushing others away, but about reinforcing your own needs. If there is a debt that is owed to you —financial, emotional or otherwise— speak to your needs. This doesn’t make you needy, even if others want you to feel like it does. You are voicing your worth.

KnowSagittarius Scope November 9 – 10

Congratulations, Sag — you’ve made it through the final eclipse of 2022! We won’t be experiencing another Total Lunar Eclipse until 2025, so this is a significant milestone. We’ll still feel the eclipse energy for two more weeks though, so pace yourself as you embrace your rebirth. For you, this eclipse activated your sector of health and wellness, helping you kickstart a better routine for yourself, mentally and physically. But since Jupiter is still retrograde until the 23rd, it’s best to go slow and steady as you infuse better habits into your life. The more you rush or pressure yourself, the more you’ll exhaust yourself. Use the current Gemini moon to check in with a friend, lover, or mentor — there may be questions that you have that they have the answers to, and you may feel more seen by them when you dare to be vulnerable and open-hearted about what you need and what you’re experiencing.

KnowSagittarius Scope November 7 – 8

Skymates, there’s a Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus taking place Nov 8. This eclipse signals endings, as well as a potential for a new beginning. I’m feeling this eclipse immensely, and I have to be transparent with you. I’ve been sharing free readings with this community for nearly 12 years now, and I desire greater reciprocity. At times I feel like I’ve poured more into KTZ than a majority of its users have poured into me. Some of you have supported my work by buying my forecasts and my book, and I’m eternally grateful for you. However, I also have the impression that many of you benefit from my spiritual wisdom but don’t pour it back into me tangibly. This eclipse has led me to a crossroads of sorts. I have a book, Signs & Skymates, coming out Dec 6, and I’d love for more of you to pre-order my labor of love! Receiving your support beyond likes and comments will motivate me to keep writing these daily scopes, because it’ll feel like an equal exchange of energy. But I’m also okay with starting over, no longer offering free readings, and letting go. Big eclipse energy. Perhaps you feel similarly in some aspects of your life. Use this eclipse to speak your truth, even if it hurts. Let your needs be known. Release yourself from resentment. BE FREE. For those who’d like to support my work by pre-ordering my book, the link’s in my bio/on my site. Thank you, and happy lunar eclipse!

KnowSagittarius Wknd Scope November 4 – 6, 2022

Sag, Friday begins with the Moon still in the dreamy sign of Pisces, where it will touch Neptune and then Jupiter. Make sure that the ones you consider family never have to wonder if you love them. Give yourself and everyone you love the care that you’ve always longed for. By nighttime, the Moon will move into the assertive sign of Aries where it will hangout during the weekend. Recognize the potency of your creative fire. Don’t water it down. Don’t be complacent, you aren’t here to be nice. You’re here to burn bright. On Saturday, the Sun will touch the South Node of the Moon, and on Sunday, Mercury will do the same, reminding you to give yourself more space to rest and recoup. Go to sleep a little earlier so you can dream longer.

KnowSagittarius Scope November 2 – 3

Sag, as Wednesday begins with the Moon still in Aquarius, check in to see how much you trust your perspective, how much you allow yourself to speak your truth. Venus will touch the South Node in Scorpio, also on Wednesday., asking you for deep rest and reflection. The Moon moves into Pisces on Wednesday afternoon, for the next couple of days. Give your home and your heart some care and attention. It’s ok to take time away from the limelight to focus on your loved ones, your family and your basic physical and emotional needs. Nostalgia can actually be comforting at times. Allow yourself to reminisce. Have deep and soothing conversations about experiences shared together. Remember and celebrate the ones that are no longer with you but remain in your heart.

KnowSagittarius Scope October 31 – November 1

Sag, the Moon moves into Aquarius on Monday morning, shifting your connection to your body into a need to connect with the outside world. On Tuesday, we will have the Waxing Quarter Moon, half way between the two eclipses, reminding you that life is a process. Allow things to be at their own pace, allow yourself to move at your own pace. Allow yourself to be more present within the details of your day. Instead of thinking of what you have to do next, be present when you prepare your coffee, when you get dressed, when you take a bath, when you’re walking down the street or driving. Connect with what surrounds you. Also pay attention to your inner dialogue, and work on softening your inner judge.