KnowGemini Scope June 22 – 23

Gemini, you don’t need to fix things or solve anybody’s problems in order to feel included, just focus on connecting. The Moon is still in Aries, and will join forces with Mars on Wednesday afternoon. Connect with the ones that hold the same visions for the future as you do. Connect with your chosen family. Stay open to the underlying messages if any frictions are to arise within your communities. On Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus in your area of retreat, the unconscious and what’s hidden from plain view. Take some time for yourself, to recalibrate. There’s so much to be discovered within your inner realms. So much to be released. There is pain in darkness, but there are also treasures and hidden talents. The Moon also comes into an uplifting alignment with the Sun on Thursday. Embrace yourself, love all that you are and all that have been —the light, the dark and everything in between. Self-acceptance can lead to abundance.

KnowGemini Scope June 20 – 21

Make sure that work and taking care of yourself aren’t separate, Gemini, as the Moon hangs out in Pisces in your area of professional pursuits on Monday. On Tuesday, the Moon then shifts into Aries in your area of community, inviting you to think about how you want to live out your life’s purpose through the connections you build. Cancer Season swoops in on Tuesday 5:14am EST, highlighting your feelings surrounding money. Resist the urge to overspend. Be extra aware of your energy levels and how much you put in. When you start to feel drained it means you’ve overstepped your limit. So do your best to stop before you get there. Remind yourself of your value, your worth and the gifts you hold, this will help to keep things in perspective. Find ways to tantalize your senses this Season.

KnowGemini Wknd Scope June 17 – 19, 2022

Skymates, the Moon is in Aquarius this wknd, and the final days of Gemini season brings playful and adventurous energy in our lives. A harmonious alignment between the Moon and Jupiter infuses this wknd’s energy with expansiveness, however, Saturday’s planetary squares may temporarily dampen the mood. Gemini, these final days of your season will have you feeling yourself, and many people around you will be feeling you too. Now that Mercury, your planetary ruler, is back in your sign (and out of its post-retrograde shadow period, woo!), you’re even more mentally sharp, and you’re speaking your mind with ease. Not everyone may agree with what you have to say this wknd, but the key is to say it anyway. Your truth liberates others.

KnowGemini Scope June 15 – 16

The days after a full moon are about resting, decompressing, and taking in the cosmic downloads that we recently experienced. With 6 days until the Solstice and start of Cancer Season, all signs will benefit from reflecting on what they want the second half of the year to feel like. For you, Gemini, the Capricorn Moon encourages you to reflect on your relationship with wealth and sustainable abundance. You have several visions for where you’d like to go these next 6 months, but which ones are tied to your long-term growth and generational success? Now’s the time to take these aspects of your life more seriously.

KnowGemini Scope June 13 – 14

What would you do without your favorite guru? You’d remind yourself that you are your own guru. That’s what this week’s Sag Full Moon is about skymates. All zodiac signs will feel empowered to tap into their innate wisdom, and soar. Specifically for you, Gemini, this full moon activates your sector of marriage and partnership. Many Gemini placements will be experiencing a milestone or turning point in their romantic, creative, and professional connections. Quitting a job or starting a new one, opening up a relationship or setting more firm boundaries, or simply deciding to pour more energy into oneself may be some of the epiphanies Geminis experience this week. With Mercury re-entering your sign on the 13th, it’d be wise to practice meditating, being still, or consciously breathing through the intellectual turbulence.