KnowCancers Scope June 20 – 21

Find solace in wisdom traditions that feed your soul, Cancer, as the Moon hangs out in Pisces in your area of philosophy and spirituality on Monday. On Tuesday, the Moon then shifts into Aries in your area of career, inviting you to work harder towards your goals. Make sure not to drain yourself, be mindful of your needs. Cancer Season swoops in on Tuesday 5:14am EST, highlighting your personal growth. This is your time to shine! You are coming anew, so make sure you’re actively working on your ability to set appropriate limits and healthy boundaries. Explore and try out the new things that attract and excite you. This is no time to hold back your expression. You’ll know what’s yours to keep and what’s yours to set out into the world. Take advantage of the extra confidence and vitality that accompanies you this Season.

KnowCancers Wknd Scope June 17 – 19, 2022

Skymates, the Moon is in Aquarius this wknd, and the final days of Gemini season brings playful and adventurous energy in our lives. A harmonious alignment between the Moon and Jupiter infuses this wknd’s energy with expansiveness, however, Saturday’s planetary squares may temporarily dampen the mood. Cancer, you may want to run around like a kindergartener and view the world as your playground this weekend. You’ve been taking yourself too seriously, trying to adhere to rigid “deadlines” instead of trusting your intuitive knowledge. This can all change if you decide to move, and act, differently. You can take leaps of faith in directions that liberate you from stagnancy. Gemini season is the ideal time to cultivate a healthy relationship with change, so start exploring the other possibilities that exist right before your eyes…

KnowCancers Scope June 15 – 16

The days after a full moon are about resting, decompressing, and taking in the cosmic downloads that we recently experienced. With 6 days until the Solstice and start of Cancer Season, all signs will benefit from reflecting on what they want the second half of the year to feel like. For you, Cancer, the Capricorn Moon encourages you to be honest with yourself regarding who you’re in love with, who you have a crush on, and/or who you can tell has a crush on you. Love is very much in the air right now, but a part of you may be pushing it away due to self-protection. But what if the best case scenario works out? Tap into the optimistic energy of the Sag full moon and visualize yourself remaining in love with yourself, and others.

KnowCancers Scope June 13 – 14

What would you do without your favorite guru? You’d remind yourself that you are your own guru. That’s what this week’s Sag Full Moon is about skymates. All zodiac signs will feel empowered to tap into their innate wisdom, and soar. Specifically for you, Cancer, this full moon activates your sector of health and service, and there’s a chance you may be feeling dehydrated and exhausted this week. Take it as a sign to slow down, say no more often, and really tap into your body’s needs. With Mars and Jupiter both in Aries right now, you may be feeling overstimulated, and if you push yourself too far, it’ll backfire. This full moon can help you trust your instincts and know when to stop overgiving, and instead prepare yourself to receive an outpouring of love, attention, and rewards. 

KnowCancers Wknd Scope June 3 – 5, 2022

Cancer, the next few days may feel a little wavy. First, we have Mercury concluding its retrograde in Taurus, bringing you waves of closure and balance. But it’s not entirely smooth sailing from here… as Saturn starts its retrograde the very next day (all the way through to October)! Taking place in Aquarius, this retrograde will shake things up on a global and societal scale. On a personal level, it’s illuminating your sector of subconscious transformation Cancer. You may start noticing any fears that you hold relative to connecting with or trusting others. This could be a time to heal your relationship with humanity, if you feel so inclined. The next few months will also be a powerful time to work on boundary setting (and maintenance). Use your discernment to find and share with people who feel like home.