@KnowAries Daily Scope 6.8.21

Aries, set some goals. Today Venus harmoniously connects with Saturn, reminding us of the self-nurturing which can come from stability, focus and dedication. Themes like figuring out financial plans, or ways to grow our money and resources will feel particularly attractive. With the moon coming into positive connections with three key planets, we’ll be experiencing a renewed sense of clarity and practicality on our paths forward. Aries, as we approach the second half of the year it’s worth checking in and perhaps resetting some of your core goals for the year. How’s it all looking? What have/haven’t you achieved yet?

@KnowAries Daily Scope 6.7.21

Choose your own pace, Aries. Moving through Taurus, today our moon conjoins Uranus before coming into a tense connection with Saturn. This planetary conversation has to do with stability, structure, comfort – and the way we go about achieving (or avoiding) those elements in our lives. With Uranus in the mix, this realm could be shaken up today. But a tension with Saturn suggests it could be the perfect time to break out of old norms, innovate and actually design our lives in more progressive ways. Aries, if your pace has felt a little off lately today will be a great day to shift gears. If you’ve been feeling lethargic or apathetic, it’ll be one to tap into your inner spark and find some momentum. On the other hand, if things have been moving too fast – today, intentionally shift your life with a slowing down, grounding and energetic exhalation.

@KnowAries Wknd Scopes 6.5 – 6.6

This weekend is quite astrologically charged, and it may feel like the cosmos is kicking us in the butt. The Moon in Aries forms planetary squares with both Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer, increasing feelings of restlessness, irritability and inflexibility. We may need to find an outlet to release any pent-up tension, or else we’ll explode. Aries, since the Moon starts off in your sign this weekend, being physically active may help you decompress significantly. As you move your body and stretch your mind, solutions to past burdens will start to reveal themselves, and your anxiety will start to wane.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 6.4.21

Today’s a chill day astrologically, skymates. The Aries Moon makes harmonious alignments with both the Sun and Saturn, helping us feel more confident and bold in our endeavors and decisions. Aries, this influence helps you level up in areas of your life where you were previously lacking confidence. It’s time to let yourself imagine yourself already “there”. The truth is, even though there are perceived roadblocks in your path, you are equipped with all the resources you need to overcome them. And you will.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 6.3.21

Today’s transition from the Moon in Pisces to the Moon in Aries may feel a bit jarring, skymates. It’s like we’ve been awoken from a peaceful slumber and found ourselves in the middle of a racetrack. Vroom, vroom, baby. Aries, the Moon in your sign boosts your confidence levels and encourages you to take the leap on a personal matter you’ve been going back and forth with. You’ve used the intuitive awareness of the Pisces Moon to reflect on what your choices are, and now it’s time to trust your gut-instincts and do what’s right for you, even if it doesn’t make sense to others.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 6.2.21

Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, enters Cancer today, skymates. For the next 8 days, both Venus and Mars will be in this sensitive and intuitive sign, making love, art and healing more of a collective priority. Aries, you may at first feel weirded out by all this emotion that you’re experiencing, but soon you’ll see that this is the clarifying and purifying energy your spirit needs during this eclipse portal. If the tears come these next few weeks, let them come. You’re in the process of clearing out the old to make way for the new, and that can be painful sometimes. Trust your healing journey.