Welcome to the astrological New Year, dear Aquarius! The Sun will enter the fiery sign of Aries on the 19th, and this is the time of the year that invites you to check in and to renew your daily rituals and practices. Which of your daily habits are healthy and worth doubling down on? Which do you want to renew or get rid of? Little tweeks within your day can make a great difference in your life along the line. It’s also a time to speak your mind with confidence. Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, firing up your already packed area of resources and self worth. Practice your abundance mantras! You’ll be feeling more confident about the money, resources and energy you put out, trusting that it’ll eventually make its way back to you. You’ll be feeling more impulsive and this may lead to spending a bit more than usual right now, make sure to be more conscious and less reckless. There’s an upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday 25th, and it will bring your attention to the ways in which you’re collaborating with others. You can prepare for this potent energy by checking into the agreements, boundaries and expectations that you all currently hold. Is it time for a renewal or a check in?