Dear Aquarius, how’s your emotional universe vibing post New Moon in Pisces? Blessings of abundance are coming your way. More trust and less control is advised. Trust the rhythm of this moment. Trust that what is yours will stay and what isn’t will go. Check in to see how other people may be crossing your boundaries or how your own inner dialogue may be disturbing your ability to work and go through life efficiently. Work on lovingly putting a stop to this. Your finance sector is bustling with activity right now, with the Sun, Saturn and Neptune here, and come the 11th, Venus, will also be setting up camp for the next four weeks. Venus wants to bring so much beauty, sweetness and abundance into your life. Venus is here to remind you that abundance usually comes from gratitude. So take time everyday to be thankful for what you have, for the things that leave you feeling whole, not only materially but also spiritually. The week comes to an end with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, and it wants you to not overthink your drive towards the things that give you pleasure. Engage in what’s enjoyable!