Dear Aquarius, this week will turn your attention inward. In your area of the subconscious, the New Moon in Capricorn is happening on Thursday 11th at 6:57 am EST. New Years tend to start off slow for you. You vibe more with the Chinese New Years that begins with your New Moon. So even if people around you are starting out the year with full force. Know that you need a minute. Know that you’re processing and letting go of a lot. Know that your body, psyche, heart and soul require as much rest as you can offer them. Pay attention to your intuition and set intentions for letting go of what is no longer serving your life. This period encourages a quiet, transformative journey that’s preparing you for a fresh start once your Season comes swooping in. Then on the 13th, Mercury moves back into Capricorn, also touching on the deepest area of your chart, bringing more clarity and movement into the behind the scenes of your life, especially in regards to the things you were reviewing between December 13th and 22nd. Pay attention to any unconscious beliefs or thought patterns that may be influencing your decisions. This is a time to purge. Your dreams may bring valuable information, so take note.