Dear Aquarius, the week begins with an earthy grand trine between Mars in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo on Monday. Your emotional landscape will be affected by this transit. Hidden parts of your psyche have been surfacing since Mars entered your area of the subconscious, and when it connects to Uranus and Lilith, you may be getting revelatory information through your chosen family that can help you break free from unhealthy patterns learned in your early life and within your home. This week can be about insights into the ways in which you wish to mother yourself, father yourself, reparent yourself. Spaces of intimacy are very powerfully charged right now, and much transformation can be achieved through sharing yourself and becoming vulnerable with someone who’s there to hold space and be as raw as you. On Friday, we have the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, exact at 6:18 pm EST. This is a time of intuition, understanding, letting go and setting new intentions. Something that can aid you in this moment of transition between the Full and New Moon is taking note of what you’re getting attention for and the kind of appreciation your work and offerings are receiving.