These are transformative times, dear Aquarius, and you’re feeling it more than any one of us. As Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters your sign it will merge with powerful Pluto, which has set up camp in your area of self, identity and personal discovery for the next two decades. This union will charge your words and your thoughts, and can help you uncover hidden truths about your identity and your life’s purpose. During these next 2.5 weeks  make sure you’re trusting your intuition, and allowing your inner wisdom to guide you closer to yourself and your truth. The world needs your weird, now more than ever. Speak your ideas aloud no matter how outhere they may seem. Others will catch up eventually. The New Moon, also in your sign, is happening on the 9th, exact at 5:59 pm EST. This is your time! That doesn’t mean that things are easy. But it does mean that you should no longer keep being tepid about the expression of who you truly are and about the things that really matter to you. Give yourself the space to regenerate, and to renew your relationship with yourself.