April 20 - May 20

KnowTaurus Scope April 19 – 20, 2023

Skymates, eclipse season is upon us, as just a few hours before the Sun enters Taurus, we will experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the last degree of Aries at 12:12 am EST on Thursday. For you Taurus, this is a call to stop, slow down and rest. Give into your need to recoup. Your body will never be able to go as fast as your mind. Have patience for its process, and for its need to take a break. The same goes for your emotional world and its needs. Let the outside world go on without you for a while. There are treasures for you to connect with deep within. As Taurus Season swoops in shortly after the eclipse, we give way to a month that brings a reset for you. This will be a time to work on letting go of what isn’t yours to be burdened with.

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KnowTaurus August ’23 Scope

Key themes: clarity, honoring your authentic self, sharing your truth, plot twists

Taurus, you’ve just experienced a huge activation. The lunar nodes just shifted zodiac polarities, after 18 months of the North Node in your sign. You may feel this as a subtle sense of empowerment, clarity and feelings of a fresh chapter. We’re collectively entering a new direction of expansion, with the Nodes now on the Aries-Libra axis. In other words, from now through to January of 2025, you’re embarking on a journey which deepens your sense of self, authenticity, and fearlessness. Aries is all about those leaps of faith and taking action – both of which will be encouraged and rewarded by the cosmos now more than ever.

But first thing’s first! On August 1st, we have an Aquarius Full Moon, which may feel particularly auspicious for you Taurus. Mercury (in Virgo) will be harmoniously connecting Jupiter (planet of expansion) who’s currently transiting your sign. This might feel like mental clarity, new ideas or opportunities. Keep an open mind Taurus.

On August 9th, some potentially challenging vibes arise with Venus (your planetary ruler) who’s currently retrograde, forming a tension with Uranus, which currently transits your sign. This could manifest as a plot twist, or surprise which jolts you out of your comfort zone Taurus. Venus retrograde through Leo reflects a journey of staying true to your authentic self, especially when it comes to relationships. Taurus, you’re being invited to voice your needs and boundaries – regardless of how “selfish,” or childish they could seem.
Themes of selfhood continue throughout the month (it is Leo season until the 23rd after all) – and will be heightened around the Leo New Moon on August 16th. If there was ever a time to reconnect with your inner child, this would be it Taurus. Lean into a sense of play, and anything that lights you up. Maybe that means getting a massage, or spoiling yourself with a meal out. This is the universe reminding you to treat and honor yourself as the divine being that you are.

You’ll feel a notable shift on August 23rd as we enter Virgo season, on the same day that Mercury stations retrograde through Virgo (through to September 14th). Illuminating your sector of self-expression, this retrograde is going to continue challenging you (in all the best ways) when it comes to authenticity. You’re being invited to notice the places where you stay ‘small’ or quiet, simply to blend in or for fear of judgment. Taurus, the world is ready to see you and your gifts in their glorious totality.

More plot twist energy arises on August 28th, where Uranus stations retrograde in your sign Taurus. Get ready for the unexpected, as the planet of the future activates your sector of identity. Uranus rules the nervous system, so if you start to feel a little charged, scattered or restless, not to worry. You can always bring in grounding practices to slow things down. Think: yoga, denser meals, more naps or meditation.

About Taurus

Element: Earth

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love & Beauty

Where Youll Find Them: Planting an epic garden, reading a novel, searching for food somewhere

What They Avoid: Small talk, unnecessary outings, and unexpected change

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by The Bull. True to its symbol, Taurus is stubborn and inflexible, but also very loyal and self-aware. Taurus is all about security and practicality. They’re the type of person who can remain grounded and solution-oriented. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Connection, and is therefore prone to seeking comfort and indulgence. Since Taurus is a sign of extremes — they vacillate between feeling very motivated and productive to feeling sluggish or complacent. As an Earth sign, Taurus benefits from spending time in nature and connecting with the world around them rather than getting lost in the material world.

Taurus is independent and loves their solitude. Professionally, they’d like a career that allows them to call the shots from behind-the-scenes. Taurus prefers working on their own rather than in a big group — they don’t like having to take direction from others. Many Taurus will end up owning their own business or working from home for this reason. Taurus is also a natural artist, but they sometimes hesitate to fully tap into that side of them because they don’t think it will be as financially secure. The ironic part is that if Taurus invests their self wholeheartedly in what they’re truly passionate about, the money and success often follows.

Taurus must learn to control their anger, because while it takes them a while to really get angry, when they do it’s not pretty. Taurus tends to hold a lot of their true self in, and this can make them hard to get to know. But once a Taurus lets you into their life, you see a side of them they rarely show anyone else. Stay on a Taurus’ good side and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. Taurus cares deeply about their friends and family and will go above and beyond for their well-being, but you have to be deserving of that energy first. Taurus has exceptionally high standards and expectations.

Being ruled by Venus makes Taurus one of the most sensual, romantic signs of the zodiac. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that upon first glance because there is a deeply guarded side to Taurus. They’re cautious of letting new people into their lives, so it will take a very patient and special person to unlock the key to Taurus’ heart and have them let down their guard. Taurus commits to those they love in an intense, often possessive way, so getting in a relationship with a Taurus is not for the faint of heart. You’re either in or you’re out with Taurus — no in-between.