April 20 - May 20

KnowTaurus Wknd Scope March 17 – 19, 2023

Taurus, your hard work is paying off. We’re nearing the new astro year and the cosmos is appropriately turning up the magic, synchronicity and expansion. If you’ve had the feeling you’ve put in the work, but aren’t yet where you’d like to be – there’s a message here for you Taurus. All of your diligence, kindness and tenacity will be rewarded. Sometimes the universe creates a path of obstacles, blocks and challenges – simply so that you can truly refine your desires, and deepen your wisdom along the way. Over the next few days, Venus and the Lunar North Node are in your sign, forming a harmonious connection with Saturn. Here, there’s a reminder that you’re already creating the life of your dreams. Each choice you make with self-loving intention brings you that much closer to a blissful existence as your baseline. This auspicious cosmic signature will also heighten your awareness of the possibilities, opportunities and beauty that already surrounds you. Enjoy.

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KnowTaurus February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Abundance and alignment, empowerment through stepping up, connecting with like-minded souls on a deeper level, motivation

Taurus, change is in the air. Whether that means you’re on the tail-end of a radical shift, or just about to experience one – February will be a month of shifting landscapes, and this can be a beautiful thing. With Uranus and the Lunar North Node in your sign, the universe is prompting you to explore the unknown: new and improved ways of approaching life, and your journey.

The month begins with a Leo Full Moon on Feb 5th. Leo energy is all about confidence, self-empowerment and boldness – all of which you can tap into around this time. So much of the lion’s zodiac’s signature is about honoring exactly who you are, and with this moon activating your sector of career and finance – it’ll be a time to marry the two spheres.

How can you bring more or your authentic self into the work you do… and in the process, open up more abundance? This could mean stepping up into a leadership role, being more assertive and vulnerable with colleagues, or even a total career shift. When we guard ourselves (whether it’s dressed up as ‘professionality’ or not), often we create uncomfortable walls and spaces which don’t quite fit who we are. This week, the universe reminds you that you’ll have the richest experience of life when you’re yourself.

Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Aquarius on Feb 11th, joining Saturn who’s in its closing chapter of the sign. This is hugely significant, as Saturn will only return to Aquarius in approximately thirty years! This means we’re collectively experiencing a strong push, or a ‘boiling point’ of Saturn-Aquarius themes. Think: ideas like networking, creating a village, innovation, and radical change. All the above may become more present in your life now (especially if you’re going through your Saturn return).

That Aquarian theme of networking and connecting with other souls will follow you through the month, as both Pisces season (Feb 18th) and the Pisces New Moon (Feb 20th) activate your sector of community. Whether that means tapping into the authentic self-expression that you accessed earlier in the month, or simply being a little more open – this will be a good time to find others who deeply resonate with you. Think: a soul tribe who can inspire, support and encourage. Alternatively: a select few people who can remind you of different approaches.

Taurus, as a fixed sign, you can occasionally appropriately get quite fixed on how things should go. This month the universe reminds you to consciously open and allow yourself to be inspired by others.

On Feb 20th, your planetary ruler (Venus) enters the fiery sign of Aries. This will feel like a spark being reignited, particularly within your concept of self. It’ll be a wonderful time to lean into impulses. Don’t second guess yourself. Book a trip, or spoil and surprise yourself, in whatever ways you can – the point is, take action and do something for just you.

About Taurus

Element: Earth

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love & Beauty

Where Youll Find Them: Planting an epic garden, reading a novel, searching for food somewhere

What They Avoid: Small talk, unnecessary outings, and unexpected change

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by The Bull. True to its symbol, Taurus is stubborn and inflexible, but also very loyal and self-aware. Taurus is all about security and practicality. They’re the type of person who can remain grounded and solution-oriented. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Connection, and is therefore prone to seeking comfort and indulgence. Since Taurus is a sign of extremes — they vacillate between feeling very motivated and productive to feeling sluggish or complacent. As an Earth sign, Taurus benefits from spending time in nature and connecting with the world around them rather than getting lost in the material world.

Taurus is independent and loves their solitude. Professionally, they’d like a career that allows them to call the shots from behind-the-scenes. Taurus prefers working on their own rather than in a big group — they don’t like having to take direction from others. Many Taurus will end up owning their own business or working from home for this reason. Taurus is also a natural artist, but they sometimes hesitate to fully tap into that side of them because they don’t think it will be as financially secure. The ironic part is that if Taurus invests their self wholeheartedly in what they’re truly passionate about, the money and success often follows.

Taurus must learn to control their anger, because while it takes them a while to really get angry, when they do it’s not pretty. Taurus tends to hold a lot of their true self in, and this can make them hard to get to know. But once a Taurus lets you into their life, you see a side of them they rarely show anyone else. Stay on a Taurus’ good side and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. Taurus cares deeply about their friends and family and will go above and beyond for their well-being, but you have to be deserving of that energy first. Taurus has exceptionally high standards and expectations.

Being ruled by Venus makes Taurus one of the most sensual, romantic signs of the zodiac. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that upon first glance because there is a deeply guarded side to Taurus. They’re cautious of letting new people into their lives, so it will take a very patient and special person to unlock the key to Taurus’ heart and have them let down their guard. Taurus commits to those they love in an intense, often possessive way, so getting in a relationship with a Taurus is not for the faint of heart. You’re either in or you’re out with Taurus — no in-between.