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SMscope May 25 – 26, 2022

The Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Chiron are all in Aries this Wednesday and Thursday, Scorpio! Big Mars energy will be coursing through you. If you’ve been wanting to get back on a workout routine or health regimen, these may be the days to get started, because you’ll be feeling more ambitious and committed to your fitness goals. But you may also run the risk of overworking yourself with this fiery energy, so schedule periods of rest throughout your days this Wednesday and Thursday. You may be making immense progress at work, but make sure it’s not at the expense of your psychological or physical well-being. Also make sure that you’re not using productivity or being busy as an excuse to avoid intense emotions coming to the surface, or important conversations that need to be had.


SMscope’s April ’22 Forecast

Scorpio, the month of April invites you to invigorate your health and wellness routines. Many Scorpios feel empowered during Aries season because they share co-rulership with Mars, the Planet of Action. If you have been feeling stagnant or tense, Aries season motivates you to shake it off and create room for new life force energy. To help with this, evoke heat within the body with activities such as working out, having sex, or feeling the Sun’s rays on your skin.

This month kicks off strong with the New Moon in Aries on April 1st. This New Moon conjoins with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You have been healing your ability to connect with your Inner Warrior, while also learning to keep your competitive and aggressive instincts in check.

This first New Moon of the astrological year is a powerful opportunity to plant seeds for the mission you envision for yourself this year. Pay attention to any inspiring visions and ideas that come your way. Between April 1 – 16th, you may feel motivated to initiate these into action.

The Aries Sun activates Scorpio’s sector of wellness, health, and service, so it is up to you to use your fiery energy proactively. Be aware of procrastinating by spilling your energy across a million meaningless tasks. Muster up the courage to focus on what really matters and organize your daily affairs accordingly. Your mission with this transit is to devote yourself to developing a valuable skill or being a leader in your workplace.

Keep your willpower alive by carving out space for your independence and prioritizing your well-being. Otherwise, you may experience health problems as a result of excess stress. If you’ve been feeling taken advantage of, advocate for better working conditions. Be mindful of acting unconsciously from anger or fear, though.

The entire month of April gifts you with magical opportunities for spiritual connection and heightened creative imagination. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in mystical Pisces on the 12th activates Scorpio’s sector of creativity. This transit teaches you to find an easeful rhythm in your self-expression and to honor your true desires. Remember that you are a channel for divine energy to flow through, and simply being yourself is a spiritual practice.

The Full Moon shines in Libra on the 16th, and Scorpio’s sector of spirituality is activated by this transit. While it is in your nature to be self-protective, this Full Moon compels to courageously surrender the armor of the Ego and open yourself to the healing power of Divine Love.

Hidden drives and power struggles in relationships may surface during this time, so beware of escaping from your problems or getting defensive. Practice the art of healthy compromise and have mature conversations for inner and outer harmony. Alchemizing your powerful emotions through meditation, prayer, or artistic modalities can be very healing for you.

This ultimately prepares you for Taurus Season on April 19th which activates your sector of relationships. The Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on April 30th accelerates your soul’s evolutionary path and challenges you to integrate grounding sensuality into your partnerships. Until then, harness your Inner Badass and let your heart lead the way; you’ll be stunned at the beauty you create.

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About Scorpio

Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Mars, the Planet of Action and Pluto, Planet of Transformation

Where Youll Find Them: Pondering the meaning of life, looking for an all black outfit, pursuing their passion

What They Avoid: Wishy-washy people, large crowds of people, people in general

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is the most misunderstood. When people hear Scorpio, they most often think of sex and death. Everything about Scorpio is a mystery, and this has led to people creating myths about Scorpio some based in fact, and others on pure fantasy. The truth is, Scorpio is a profoundly intuitive and spiritual Water sign with a stubborn streak and a deadly stinger. But contrary to popular belief, Scorpio doesnt just go around stinging just anyone. They know their venom is precious, and they arent reactive to every single situation. Scorpio will wait for the perfect time to strike if they decide to strike at all. You never know what Scorpios thinking.

Professionally, Scorpios succeed at any career that lets them call the shots from behind-the-scenes, such as being a private detective or investigator. They also thrive in the limelight, which is why many Scorpios like Drake become the voice of their generation. Everything about Scorpio is extreme and intense they dont do things in half-measures. Scorpios would ideally feel wildly passionate about their job, or else they may easily become complacent and irritated. Passion is at the core of who Scorpio is. Their life-long mission is to always keep the passion alive, in all realms of life. 

Socially, Scorpio are extremely cautious and guarded. They can count their true friends on one hand, and they’d rather have a small amount of true OG supporters rather than a large amount of frenemies. Scorpio is very slow to trust, but if youve earned their trust, theyre the ultimate ride or die. Having a Scorpio on your side is the best feeling in the world, because they make you feel protected and powerful. But if you cross a Scorpio, your life completely turns upside down. Youll regret ever hurting them.

Multiply the way a Scorpio is as a friend by 10 million and you may get a clue of who they are as lovers. They invest their all into relationships, which is why their standards are so high. But Scorpios also have trust issues, and can be extremely possessive and jealous in relationships. They love so deeply, and they want to feel that the loyalty and fidelity is reciprocated, or else they may build a wall around their heart that causes them to be extremely suspicious and even manipulative.

When a Scorpio trusts their lover, they can merge with them on a deeply soulful, erotic, magical level. That is the side of Scorpio thats rarely seen the vulnerable, transparent, radiant side that comes out when they feel emotionally safe. Loving a Scorpio isnt by any means easy, but it’s worth it.

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