October 23 - November 22

SMscope November 30 – December 1, 2022

The month of November ends and December begins on a mystical, deeply sensitive note, as the Moon is now in Pisces, encouraging us to slow down and engage in soul-searching. Many Scorpios have noticed that ever since last month’s Solar Eclipse New Moon in our sign, our ability to attract what (or who) we want in their lives has dramatically increased. The next step is to now be able to receive and maintain the blessings that have poured into our lives. That begins by having an abundant mindset, and knowing that there’s more where that came from. Pay attention to any lingering insecurities that may be telling you that you have to fiercely hold on to what you manifested. The more tightly you grip onto your blessings, the more likely they are to slip from your fingers. Instead, adopt a more free-spirited and expansive approach, and trust in your capacity to successfully care for your prosperity. The Universe wouldn’t have given it to you if it wasn’t meant for you. Surrender to your abundance.

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Scorpio’s November 2022 Forecast

Key Themes: rebirth, self-actualization, relationships, self-worth

Happy Solar return, Scorpio! This is not just like any annual rebirth because Eclipse season is accelerating your transformative powers. With the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, you may have discovered profound insights into why you are the way you are — including the parts of you that were repressed a long time ago. As Scorpio season empowers the renewal of your self-concept, it might involve purging layers of who you thought you “should” be and actualizing what you have always been deep down all along. Scorpio, what did the Eclipse reveal about what your true self needs in order to be happy and to live decisively in the world?

Since the Solar Eclipse in Taurus this past Spring, you have been working on being more true to yourself in the context of personal relationships, and perhaps even embodying unconventional ways of relating. By the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in earthy Taurus on November 8th at 6:02am, these issues may come bursting with energy so pay attention to your body’s wisdom and be aware of projections. Scorpio, what sensations, feelings, temperatures, and textures emerge when you feel safe to be your authentic self?

As this Eclipse conjoins surprising Uranus and squares challenging Saturn, your needs and desires may suddenly demand inclusion and communication, thereby creating potential crises and upheavals. Like a diamond under pressure, trust that this will bring you closer to your soul’s evolutionary path. As Oprah Winfrey expressed, “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.” Along with Mars retrograde, you may feel extremely fatigued by mid-November, so be sure to stay hydrated and prioritize rest to help you access your inner wisdom.

Venus lightens the mood as it enters optimistic Sagittarius on November 16th through December 9th. As the planet of Love & Connection emerges out of intense Scorpio, it’s a good opportunity to value the bigger-picture perspective of what decayed during Eclipse season. With Venus in Sagittarius, consider accessing resources that represent a sense of hope in your journey of self-becoming. Ritual objects like crystals, talismans, or images can help anchor your self-esteem as you integrate the lessons of Eclipse season.

The next day, Mercury joins Venus in exuberant Sagittarius in your sector of self-esteem and money until December 6th. With Mercury in Sagittarius, open your mind to seeing the information gained over the past 6 months as valuable assets for rooting your sense of inner knowing and inspiring others. What did you learn about the meaning of life and your place in it, Scorpio? As Scorpio Queen Whoopi Goldberg stated eloquently, “We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”

As the Sun enters adventurous Sagittarius on November 22nd, your awareness focuses on material possessions and comforts until December 21st. Welcome to Sagittarius season, Scorpio! Take a break from all the deep introspective work you’ve been doing and pamper yourself, Scorpio. While you may feel increasingly optimistic about your financial situation, be aware of “fuck it” moments when it comes to spending for filling an emotional void. Instead, Scorpio, how can you use your resources to nourish your sense of vitality and confidence?

The answers to this question will be valuable for the New Moon in Sagittarius at 5:57pm on November 23rd, setting the tone for the next 4-week lunar cycle. As Natalie Page shared, “Every moment you spend is an investment”. Scorpio, you are your biggest investment and the present moment is the highest currency, so what’s truly worth your time and energy?

A few moments later, expansive Jupiter in fellow water sign Pisces stations direct, adding ripples of compassion and ease in your sector of self-expression and creativity. We’re at the end of a 12-year cycle of opportunity, Scorpio, so what did you learn about what lifts your spirit and helps you get into a flow state? Jupiter in Pisces provides a final oomph for dissolving any inhibitions on your creative self-expression.

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About Scorpio

Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Mars, the Planet of Action and Pluto, Planet of Transformation

Where Youll Find Them: Pondering the meaning of life, looking for an all black outfit, pursuing their passion

What They Avoid: Wishy-washy people, large crowds of people, people in general

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is the most misunderstood. When people hear Scorpio, they most often think of sex and death. Everything about Scorpio is a mystery, and this has led to people creating myths about Scorpio some based in fact, and others on pure fantasy. The truth is, Scorpio is a profoundly intuitive and spiritual Water sign with a stubborn streak and a deadly stinger. But contrary to popular belief, Scorpio doesnt just go around stinging just anyone. They know their venom is precious, and they arent reactive to every single situation. Scorpio will wait for the perfect time to strike if they decide to strike at all. You never know what Scorpios thinking.

Professionally, Scorpios succeed at any career that lets them call the shots from behind-the-scenes, such as being a private detective or investigator. They also thrive in the limelight, which is why many Scorpios like Drake become the voice of their generation. Everything about Scorpio is extreme and intense they dont do things in half-measures. Scorpios would ideally feel wildly passionate about their job, or else they may easily become complacent and irritated. Passion is at the core of who Scorpio is. Their life-long mission is to always keep the passion alive, in all realms of life. 

Socially, Scorpio are extremely cautious and guarded. They can count their true friends on one hand, and they’d rather have a small amount of true OG supporters rather than a large amount of frenemies. Scorpio is very slow to trust, but if youve earned their trust, theyre the ultimate ride or die. Having a Scorpio on your side is the best feeling in the world, because they make you feel protected and powerful. But if you cross a Scorpio, your life completely turns upside down. Youll regret ever hurting them.

Multiply the way a Scorpio is as a friend by 10 million and you may get a clue of who they are as lovers. They invest their all into relationships, which is why their standards are so high. But Scorpios also have trust issues, and can be extremely possessive and jealous in relationships. They love so deeply, and they want to feel that the loyalty and fidelity is reciprocated, or else they may build a wall around their heart that causes them to be extremely suspicious and even manipulative.

When a Scorpio trusts their lover, they can merge with them on a deeply soulful, erotic, magical level. That is the side of Scorpio thats rarely seen the vulnerable, transparent, radiant side that comes out when they feel emotionally safe. Loving a Scorpio isnt by any means easy, but it’s worth it.

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